Let’s Go Brandon became slang for insulting Joe Biden

“Let’s go, Brandon” is a phrase that has been gaining popularity in conservative circles in the United States. It started at a NASCAR race in Alabama, where the crowd was chanting “F— Joe Biden” behind an interview with driver Brandon Brown. The NBC reporter interviewing him, incorrectly thought they were chanting “Let’s go, Brandon,” which later became the substitute for the vulgar phrase. Republicans have been using the phrase to signal that they are in sync with the party’s base. The phrase has since been used by politicians, protesters, and even Southwest Airlines pilots, sparking controversy in some cases. To see how it becomes click here. While presidents have faced public opposition for centuries, the amplification of modern politicians’ criticism has been exacerbated by social media, with people having an easily accessible public forum to voice their opinions. The “Let’s go, Brandon” slogan, along with the wider criticism of President Joe Biden, appears to have moved beyond die-hard supporters of former President Donald Trump, with increasing numbers of people feeling disenchanted with American institutions. Meanwhile, Trump has seized the moment, capitalizing on the phrase to sell T-shirts and other merchandise.

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