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What is Parler App and Who Owns It?

Parler App is a social media platform created in 2018 that positions itself as a forum for free speech. It gained popularity among conservative Americans who disagreed with content restrictions on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However, Parler was removed from Apple and Google’s app stores, and Amazon temporarily stopped hosting the site due to its lax content moderation policies, particularly regarding posts inciting violence. After implementing new procedures for content moderation, Parler was reinstated on both platforms.

The parent company of Parler, Parlement Technologies Inc., was founded last month, and George Farmer is the CEO. The company is actively contributing to the Brexit Party in Britain, and Farmer is married to Candace Owens, a well-known Trump supporter and conservative broadcaster.

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Kanye West, who believes Parler is a platform for people like him who can’t express themselves on other websites, has agreed to purchase Parler from Parlement Technologies for an undisclosed sum. The transaction is anticipated to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2022

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