Tweeting Trends: What’s Captivating India on Twitter Today


Twitter trends offer a real-time snapshot of what’s capturing the nation’s attention. From cricket matches to political movements, these hashtags provide a window into India’s diverse and dynamic discourse.

#KKRvsSRH: The Cricket Craze

The Indian Premier League (IPL) never fails to dominate social media, and today is no exception. The match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Sunrisers Hyderabad has fans tweeting in anticipation and support.

#BhagatSingh: Remembering a Hero

The legacy of freedom fighter Bhagat Singh resonates with many, as Twitter users pay tribute to his courage and sacrifice. His ideals continue to inspire discussions on nationalism and patriotism.

#IPL2024: Looking Ahead

Cricket enthusiasts are already looking forward to the next IPL season, speculating about team compositions, potential player transfers, and match schedules.

#MoscowAttack: Global Concerns

International events also find their way into Indian Twitter trends, with users expressing their views on incidents like the recent Moscow attack.

#ArvindKejriwalArrested: Political Shockwaves

The arrest of Delhi’s Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, has sent shockwaves through the political landscape, sparking debates and discussions among netizens.

#ABPShikharSammelan: Media’s Megaphone

Media events such as the ABP Shikhar Sammelan garner significant attention, with users engaging in conversations around the topics discussed and personalities featured.


Virat Kohli’s fans are vocal in their admiration, declaring him the ‘Greatest of All Time’ (GOAT) and celebrating his achievements on the cricket field.

#NDAMeeting: Political Alliances

The National Democratic Alliance’s meetings are a hot topic, as users speculate on the outcomes and implications for the nation’s political future.


Today’s Twitter trendshashtags in India reflect a nation that is passionate about sports, engaged in political discourse, and responsive to both national and international events. These trends not only highlight the issues that matter to Indians but also demonstrate the power of social media in shaping public opinion.


Q: How do Twitter trends reflect public opinion? Twitter trends are based on the volume and velocity of tweets, reflecting the topics that are currently most discussed or debated among users.

Q: Can anyone influence what trends are on Twitter? A: While individuals and groups can attempt to promote certain hashtags, genuine trends typically arise from widespread organic engagement.

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